Starting My Business

So far, I have been reading and listening to self-help books. One of them is You are a Badass at Making Money: Master the Mindset of Wealth by Jen Sincero. She is one of the people who keeps me motivated in reaching my dreams of becoming an illustrator and storyteller. Before, I never thought that I could follow my dreams. My parents and my friends would tell me that art is only a hobby. The reality is that you can follow your dreams; no one is stopping you but yourself. I stopped listening to other people’s fears and listened to my heart. Now, I am figuring out how to sell my art online. I made this blog, signed up for Etsy and Patreon. I think that it is a good thing to start something even though you don’t know where it will lead you. I think that is what you call faith, faith in the universe that it will provide you everything you need. So, I will learn how to trust, even though it can be challenging.

So, for this piece, I got a quote that I like from Einstein. I like this quote because it tells me to not box myself in the things I am doing. This means that you are able to grow and keep learning new things. The materials that I used for this piece are

  • Crayola Washable Markers (I have the 50 pieces)
  • Canson Mix Media
  • Copic Multi liner, sepia
  • Gelly Roll, white
  • Touch twin marker in skin white ( for the skin)

I post inspirational quotes on Instagram and Tumblr  mostly everyday. I am thinking of making another Instagram for my other art styles. I want to know how this art style thing works. I don’t want to prevent myself from learning other stuff and box myself with a specific style, but somehow I am having a specific style. We will see, but so far this is where I am.

I am signing off, ciao 🙂


With anger

I have been struggling with anger the past few days. Not too much like I’m going to explode, but I have been searching how to deal with it.

I learned to drop the act and just do what I would like to do on a given situation. What I mean by that is to drop the shoulds and right and wrong ways to act.

As long as I was following a guideline in my head on how to act properly, I would end up defending that act. I learned to just be the person that feels good in that specific situation.

I asked myself, “what would be the most beneficial thing to do right now?” Then I would to that.

Trying to understand anger

I was able to be in the state of neutrality and it felt really good. Then yesterday or the other day before, I got really angry with someone.

I intellectually know that everything is neutral and the meaning I give it can make it good or bad, but still I keep feeling the intense emotion. It feels like I’m going to vomit.

Then I learned to give less importance to the thought or the story I’m telling myself. I’m learning it from the book called Reality Transurfing.

Im still experiencing resistance right now.